Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Enough already!

Why are people so intimidated by the cross? I don't feel threatened by witches or even atheists. I don't feel inferior to buddist and as long as your religion doesn't cause you to think you need to harm others, I have no issues with it. Okay, so when we start removing the Ten Commandments from the courthouses, it gets under my skin a little but I try to remain open minded. But to remove a cross from a freakin' veterns memorial??? A cross that is there to honor people who died to defended our country?? Give me a big fat break. That cross potentially brings comfort to the families of the deceased, but people feel the need to get all ass-y about it, because it violates their right to not have to see it. Know what? CLOSE YOUR FREAKIN' EYES! IGNORE IT! Go some place else to honor the vets....let's face it, if you don't believe in heaven, they're simply dead people. You can honor them from the comfort of your own cross-less home!

I constantly ignore those fish emblems on cars that say "Darwin" in the middle of it. Though that is not a violation of church and state, I could very easily find it offensive and it could cause me unnecessary suffering. But I'm not that dramatic. (Though now I may get a little dramatic). We have people in this country dying of disease, hunger, malnutrtion, child abuse and neglect and numerous other things, so hey, ya'll who are so up in arms about a CROSS? Go find yourselves a worthwhile cause! One that could actually safe a life perhaps! We have everything in danger from trees to whales, so go find yourselves a real cause! Because pitching a fit about an inanimate object that brings comfort to people is SO much more worthwhile!

I rank these people right up there with the goofballs who sue fast food joints because their coffee was HOT. HELLO? And then they win the case?? Again, HELLO? Americans have gone off the deep end and the judges and authorities are just letting us get away with it by pandering to everyone's little whim. It's all so ridiculous. You can open the paper any day of the week and find any number of things to roll your eyes about. Let's face it, if I went before a judge and stated I totalled my car because I was so appalled about the fish Darwin thing, I'd probably win.

So if a mountain that has had a cross on it since 1913 is offending you that badly, find a different route to take. I'm sure that Mapquest could make some delightful cross-less suggestions. Or better yet, go and spend your time volunteering to find missing children, or to saving the ozone layer, or to keeping Japan from hunting whales to the brink of extinction. I think you would be alot happier at the end of your life if you did one of those things, as opposed to sucking the joy from Christians.


Blogger RheLynn said...

oh yes - I've heard so much about this case around here, and also about the ten commandments being posted. why can't people leave other people's property alone and just concentrate on their own affairs? anyway.. yes, enough already.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Juli said...

Seriously, don't people have anything else to do? Freedom of speech/beliefs doens't mean you can't express yourself out of fear you might hurt people who have different opinions, but that you must do your best to accept (or at least tolerate) a profusion of opinions. It's not about diminishing, It's about adding.

Have a great day, KPkins!

9:09 AM  

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